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Five Minute Friday

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WARNING: there is nothing profound or even slightly inspirational in my 5 Minute Friday post this week (unless you are also a delinquent Christmas putter-awayer . . in that case you might be encouraged).  That's the thing about free-writing, you don't know what will come out.

BUT there is something WILDLY exciting and inspiring happening over at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog, the founder of 5 Minute Friday!

PLEASE check out her post here and then if you feel like being mildly amused . . read on ;)

There are two feet of snow outside as the wind howls and the weather man tells us it's not over yet. Spring is a hopeful dream held by some colorful, withering primroses on the antique ironing board in my sunroom.

Can I tell you a secret? Not all of my Christmas decorations have been put away. Little by little they've migrated to my formal dining/catch all room. They await my motivation and the basement boxes. It might be awhile.

Snow makes me hold on to all that's warm, cozy and involving hot drinks, books and my couch. But all these snow days have slowed my progress toward spring.

Nevertheless, delinquent and left over decorations aside, I know it will come. The snow will melt and one day I'll find a burst of strength, stuff away winter's remnants and turn over the soil of my yard and my soul. It will be time for seed planting and new dreams. 

The garden of my heart can feel it coming!

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