Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You're Going to Be Okay . . book release!

That letter I shared with you yesterday, I did send it to my friend. Her name is Holley Armstrong, and her new book You're Going to Be Okay just released today! 

I wrote my letter in response to an exercise in her book . . . 

"What are the words you have been using to describe who you are based on where you are in life right now." 

I wrote . . . 

1) depressed
2) worthless (I know better, but this is the lie I fight)
3) afraid

"To help shift your perspective, rewrite those words as phrases that show they aren't part of your identity."

And my letter followed. 

This process was not only revealing, but it gave me the freedom to know that where I was, was not who I was. That even though my current circumstances were difficult, overwhelming even, I would be okay.

I finished my letter with these words: "I am loved. This is who I am." And then I breathed deeper than I have in days.

Holley is an incredible encourager, and her books breathe life into weary souls. In my life, they've literally been life-changing. 

I am thrilled to share that Holley will be one of our keynote speakers at Winsome this year!

I hope you will consider joining us. Early Bird tickets are available now through April 22!

You can read more about it here and here!

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  1. Kim - I would give my right arm to come to your retreat. So, I am praying that God would make a way. I know God will use it for his glory into eternity. Short of coming, I am praying that the Lord would fill that mountain house retreat center with those whom God desires to be there. I pray that he would bless them in ways they never dreamed possible. I pray that he would be your strength and guide as you walk through the preparations and details. Praying for God's provision and providence in all the details. He is hard at work on your behalf! And I can't wait to read Holley's new book! Will we be reading it together in our book club maybe?


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