Beauty In the Weeds

Driving down our country roads, I'm struck by the way wild, beautiful things grow out of weeds. 

Popping up on the medians and in the gutters. "Surprise! Bet you weren't expecting to find beauty here!"

Yellow mullein, Queen Anne's lace, blue chicory.

They're like a great big "Hah! Take that!" to the messy and try-as-you-might unmanageable landscape of life.

Weeds thumbing their noses at inhospitable growing conditions . . gravel, car exhaust, mowers.

It feels like our family has been "in the weeds" lately. Lots of unexpected, ugly growing up where there seemed to be such nice green grass the day before. It's tempting to panic and pull out the Roundup. 

But I'm learning to wait. And in the waiting, I'm finding some surprises.

I may ponder, plan, and prepare how to control every detail of our life. But seeds and wind and the myriad of human choice can't be dictated. Won't be.

But there is One. 

He works all things according to His will. 

He rules the heavens and calls forth the seed. 

He is in ultimate control and he ultimately loves me. 

This is my rest. This is my security. This is my strength.

And I harvest the beauty in the weeds.

God's sovereignty is one of the most absolutely reassuring and wonderful teachings of the Bible. Here are 66 Bible verses about it!

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