Five Minute Friday: Hands

Five Minute Friday

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"Look, Mom! Look how she's holding onto my hand!" Sam exclaims as his 2 month old niece wraps her tiny fingers around one of his.

The way we fawn over little Amelia, you'd think we'd never been around a baby. But there's something brand new despite all the experience we've had. Well maybe not Sam, he's the youngest of our six. But I've birthed and raised six babies. Nevertheless, Amelia's firsts continue to fascinate me as well.

Like the day I saw a glimpse of recognition in her eyes. And when her smiles came in response to ours and not just due to gas. She coos, laughs, and squeals like all my babies did, yet somehow I notice in a way I never did before. 

I guess this is the delight I've always heard of but never understood until now. Grandparenting is devoid of the sleep deprivation, the worry of first time parenting, the sheer exhaustion of third (fourth, fifth and sixth) time parenting, and basically all the overwhelming responsibility. 

I lay my finger in her other hand, and feel her tiny, firm grasp.

It is absolute joy. 

Thanks to Amelia's momma, Hilary, who is as generous with her beautiful photos as she is with her precious little girly. XO (You can see more of Hilary's photography here!)

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