Tattoo Worthy?

I'm sitting in front of a thousand magazines.

And I can't help but wonder if there are just a few people actually living beautiful, intentional lives while the rest of us are reading about them.

Confession: I'm amongst the lemmings. My magazines are filed by month in an attempt to recycle and really use all the inspiring ideas within. But I can rarely resist the temptation to buy another when a new season comes around.

They are inspiring, but there's a part of me that becomes stymied by their perfection. I look around at my life, house, diet, and waistline in the face of all their ideas and solutions and think, "Where do I even begin?"

Perfection and 1-2-3 step plans have a way of paralyzing or at least severely deincintivizing progress.

I want to be someone who lives well not someone who reads about it.

My way of living well is defined and designed by my unique circumstances, limits, dreams, etc. 
It's my adventure and no magazine, book, television show or any other "how to" manual can substitute or even begin to compare with it, much less give me a no-fail plan to live it!

So here's my summer motto . . . 

Less pining. More living.

We'll see how it goes. If it seems like it's working, I'll stick with it. 
Maybe even turn it into a tattoo or something. 

Just kidding.

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