When Restless Means Rest More

The first few weeks after Winsome, the women’s retreat I founded and my God-sized dream come true, I just kept spinning. After winding up that hard, you can’t stop on a dime. Weeks and months of preparations weren’t “unspun” in just one weekend. So as tired as I was, I kept writing emails, wrapping up loose ends, and brainstorming ideas for next year.
Then I hit the proverbial wall. I need to find some place between full-out spin and slamming face first into the wall. But there’s something in me that starts out slow and then doesn’t want to stop, like a runner that sprints until he collapses.

And now I felt like I would be happy to just stare at a blank wall for a month.
While my mind, body, and emotions were spent, my soul felt restless . . .
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Blossom Bunkhouse