Note to Myself on a Monday

Well here we are again. It's Monday, and you and your planner are raring to go! 

As you sit sipping your coffee and ready to wrangle this week into hour-by-half-hour-order with your strategies and pencil in hand, give me your ear for just a minute. 

I promise I won't take long. I know how important world domination is. 

But hear me. 

It's just a Monday. There's nothing too significant about it. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and even Saturday and Sunday are all pretty similar. They're septuplets with the same twenty-four hour DNA. 

I get that Monday wants a plan. She's Type A like that. All the days have their traits. Wednesday's a little melancholy. Extroverted Friday is ready to play, and Sunday likes his coffee long and leisurely. 

But no matter its personality or where the day fits into the grand plan of your week, it's your day. You need to remember that, especially on Monday. She can be so bossy.

So I want you to think about Monday like this. She's your pacesetter. You know how she likes to sprint. Well let's slow her down a bit. You've got at least four more days ahead. If you want to run well and finish strong, Monday's going to need to chill.

It won't be easy. She's strong-willed. But I think I have a plan that even Monday can't resist.

Burst training. 

Go hard. Let Monday furrow her brow, put on her "Eye of the Tiger" playlist, and sprint out of the gate! Let her loose, and then make her stop. Even if it's only for five minutes, put on the brakes. 

And breathe.

Monday's a great gal. She's just a little ambitious. Enjoy her.

And I'll see you at the finish line on Friday.