Our Journey

Sweet child of mine, love birthed you
Long before you had flesh
Like a seed planted in my young heart
The dream of you
And me . . your momma

Precious child, love claimed you
Long before there was time
In His book written every one
Your days
Even when yet there were none

Beloved child, sin saw you
Long before your first breath
Knowing your role in the kingdom of light
Marked you for destruction

Oh, dear child, I loved you
Long before eyes took you in
There in the depths I knew you
As fearfully and wonderfully
Your body knitted and fashioned

My child, I wounded you
Long before dreams were realized
Turning hopes to expectations
Desires to fear
Love to control
The child I'd die for my victim

Cherished child, love saved you
Long before wounds inflicted
Healing, forgiving, and freeing
This broken vessel redeemed
And love spilling out all the cracks