The Day After

It's the day after Winsome. I learned last year, that this can be a dangerous day for me. Adrenaline, prayers, and God have carried me through the past four days. Now that Winsome is over, my body puts on the brakes.

But while my body is crashing, my mind and heart refuse to slow down. They're a messy mix of joy, gratitude, questions, answers, anticipation, fear, some more gratitude, and more questions. Much like the disorganized boxes that fill my dining room, these thoughts and emotions will take some time to process through.

What needs to stay boxed up and dealt with later when my energy and brain cells are back?

What needs to be unboxed and get my immediate attention?

What do I want to carefully unpack, hold, and sit with for awhile, remembering all that went in to preparing it and how God used it?

And there's some trash. In our hurry to tear down, it made it's way into our boxes. It doesn't belong in the boxes or my mind. It will only take up space that should be occupied by good memories, beauty, and purpose. I don't need to ask what to do with it. It gets thrown out.

There are lessons in those boxes too. Things that could have been done better or different. And things that were done just right. I need to take note.

They will take some time to process . . the boxes and my thoughts. And that's okay. I can live with the messiness for now. Processing slow is the best way.

Because whatever they contain and however messy they are, they are evidence and testimony to a weekend full of beauty brought, brokenness bound, hearts wooed, friendships strengthened and born . . . and a Father madly in love with His daughters.